Affiliate marketing for modern eCommerce

Supercharge your word of mouth marketing with Social Snowball, an affiliate solution built for the modern online brand

Grow on autopilot
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    New customers are automatically created an affiliate account and given a discount code to share right from the thank you page

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    Customers will get access to their own affiliate dashboard as soon as they get their first referral purchase

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    The customers referred from your affiliates also become affiliates and create an expanding network of influencers for your store!

Payouts, simplified
Get up and running in just a few clicks

Simply add social snowball to your Shopify store, set your preferences, and go live instantly. No need for coding!

We love our customers. And they love us.

Have more questions?

Can I still acquire affiliates through a tradational sign-up form?
Absolutely! Beyond our thank you page sharing feature we provide our merchants with an affiliate sign-up form they can add to their website.
Why is Social Snowball more effective than other affiliate apps?
Unlike other affiliate marketing apps that leave almost every happy customer without a way to share their love for your brand, Social Snowball will convert all of your customers, and even a big percentage of non-buying store visitors, into motivated affiliates. On top of that, we equip your affiliates with straightforward, easy to consume content that teaches them how to get sales for your business!
What if one of my affiliate's discount codes leaks on a coupon site?

If you decide you do not want your affiliate's discount codes leaked on coupon sites, fear not! We have the ultimate solution. We have teamed up with Coupon Scout, a free service that scans coupon code sites automatically and alerts you when one of your codes has leaked. Here is an example of what an alert would look like:

If you determine the discount code shouldn't be public, you can remove it immediately to protect your profit margins. Coupon Scout is a 100% free service! To learn more about Coupon Scout and to create your free account, click here.