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Frictionless affiliate programs for your customers & creators

Incentivize, automate, and analyze word-of-mouth marketing amongst your customers, creators, and community.
flow of how influencers work

The control center for everything word-of-mouth

Referral programs customers actually use

Give $10 off, get $10 off? Not anymore. Create engaging referral programs that activate customers into affiliates and give them strong incentives to drive referrals.
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Simplified influencer & creator management

Unlock attribution for influencers, automate product seeding, build branded sign-up pages, communicate over email and SMS, and send payouts across payment providers with one-click.
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Over 1,000 innovative DTC brands
automate their affiliate programs with Social Snowball

Of GMV generated from customer referrals
“I usually don't talk about apps unless I actually like it and that's why I've been talking so much about Social Snowball. I've gone through so many sh*t referral Shopify apps for the past 6 years so when one finally works you just gotta scream from the mountain tops. They finally figured it out.”
Rob Fraser, Founder of Outway
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Increase in influencer revenue
“Social Snowball handles the impossible task of organizing our army of creators & making influencer management easy, all while keeping the data super digestible.”
Oliver Brocato, Cofounder of Tabs Chocolate
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“The level of hands-off automation that Social Snowball brings - especially once integrated with Klaviyo and our thank you page - allowed our referral program to truly take off.”
Ben Schreiber, Founder of Brand Caffeine & Head of eCommerce at Latico Leathers
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Increase in referral revenue
“We were seeking a level of consistency in terms of customer acquisition, and Social Snowball looked like the no brainer solution. Luckily, that turned out to be the case.”
Casey Parram, Head of Marketing of Tailored Athlete
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Affiliate marketing redesigned
to empower modern creators and consumers

Explore the functionality that brands use to build, scale, and automate modern affiliate & referral programs - all in one place

Supercharge referrals by turning customers and fans into affiliates automatically

Why put so much effort into a smooth checkout experience, just to make those same customers jump through hoops to become affiliates?

Painless cash and gift card payouts

Bulk send cash, gift cards, and store credit payments directly to affiliates with 2 clicks. Let affiliates choose where they want to redeem their earnings from a branded self-serve payout redemption portal.

Attribution and ROI data for your influencer & creator partnerships

Unlock the attribution data of your creator partnerships. Configure your own attribution settings and view a clear picture of the customer journey.

Complex program & tier structures made simple

Segment affiliates into different programs and tiers automatically based on any targeting criteria.

Automatically detect when coupon codes leak

Get notified & take action when affiliate codes leak to coupon sites like Honey. Change codes with 2 clicks, and view which specific referral transactions are attributed to a leak vs which are legit.

Create an affiliate experience your customers and influencers love

Own and customize every touchpoint of the affiliate journey, from storefront elements & affiliate dashboards to email & SMS.

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